Being Time Album Release

Being Time Album Release
Dec 14, 2020

My latest album, Being Time, is out now on Pan y Rosas Discos. It is available to stream and download here.

electroacoustic, noise, ambient, sometimes harmonic.

The album makes use of a variety of instruments and sound sources, including the voice.

Release date: December 14, 2020.

Being Time is another chapter in my obsession with time and the temporality of sound and experience. Time, when listening, can be perceived simultaneously as experiential and retrospective. Recently I have been thinking about how, much like we are made up of the same organic material that surrounds us, we are also made up of time. In the same way that time is around us, time is also within us. We both have a body and are a body. We both have time and are time. Listening is a temporal experience. Being is a temporal experience. I’m not sure that this is the sound of being time, but I think it can be listened to retrospectively, with an awareness of time past and experientially, as a constant flow of now through stillness and trajectory.

Artwork by Daryl Feehely

Review in The Wire Magazine #444

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