Jenn Kirby

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Composer and Performer of Instrumental, Live Electronics & Electroacoustic Music

  • arm wearing electronic glove, gametrak and foot on grass
    Spiral at Carlow Arts Festival
  • Image 2
    Develop:BBC London
  • room with people and text
    Glynn Vivian at Night
  • two arms out stretched holding strings
    Swansea Laptop Orchestra
  • layered image of same person playing percussion
    Tokyo Gen’On Project
  • room of people coding on laptops
    Creative Coding Workshop at Lambda Lounge
  • ensemble on stage
    Ensemble Muliphon
  • music score on stand person making gesture
    Mumbles performed by Adrian Mantu
  • person playing viola with strings attached to their wrists
    Transition performed by Sebastian Adams
  • a woman and a man sit on a table, singing
    Irish National Opera