The Body in Digital Musical Instrument Design

CHIME Feb 28 Jenn Kirby Courtney Reed
Feb 28, 2024

CHIME Seminar No. 11 - Courtney N Reed and Jenn Kirby
28 Feb 2024

Jenn Kirby
"The Body in Digital Musical Instrument Design"

The body as a component, alongside sensors, controllers, data, mapping and gesture strategies all become entangled in a hybrid system where the interaction between components produces the overall system behaviour. Rather than considering the attributes of the body as a static component, beginning with the moving body allows for intuition and behaviour to feed into hybrid system implementation. In a similar way to how we might let our ears guide us in our sound making and improvisation, we can let our bodies guide the interaction to understand the performative, expressive and musical meaning of the interaction itself. The aim of this approach is to make performance systems which connect and integrate all components and soften the boundaries between body, technology, sound and movement.

The talk features demonstrations of instruments and systems that highlight this body-led approach and iterative process.

The CHIME Network

The CHIME network (Computer Human Interaction and Music nEtwork) is an EPSRC-funded research network in Music and Human Computer Interaction which launched in April 2022.