Performance at DDR Alternating Current

Jenn Kirby at Alternating Current. Photo by Daryl Feehely
Oct 31, 2021

Review from Journal of Music by Anna Murray "A standout from the weekend’s performances was Jenn Kirby’s set for voice and electronics. Kirby has developed a unique kind of avant-pop, using game controllers to shape synths in real time under vocals processed into a kind of digital surrealism. Her set began with wide expansive gestures (using the motion controllers of a golf game) to stretch and mould sounds, sending filters slowly sweeping and expanding through drones, and gradually became smaller and drawing inwards, just as her songs too curled inwards, becoming more inwardly focused. Eventually ending with her kneeling on the stage, seemingly punching the air to create percussion with Switch controllers, Kirby’s performance was hushed but utterly arresting."

"This October, Dublin Digital Radio celebrates its fifth-year broadcasting with a new city festival: Alternating Current. Alternating Current shows Ireland’s other music traditions. Weird, eerie, noisy, loud, lamenting…

Our inaugural festival is a celebration of the networks that converge on ddr., an ode to the airwaves as a space of commune and solidarity during crisis, while also being a response by the station to a wide range of artists that are each exhaustive experimenters in their own right.

For Alternating Current, Dublin Digital Radio commissioned sixteen of these artists to make new work and have them perform it over the duration of the festival.

Beginning October 26, the Alternating Current programme features specially commissioned radio works and audiovisuals from Jennifer Walshe & Wobbly, Rachel Ni Chuinn, The Digital Druids and Renee Helena Browne. Events will then move to The Complex’s Gallery Space over the Hallowe’en weekend where a series of 3-hour, in-person concerts will take place, followed by some late-night dancing at a venue close to the city centre. More details on the streaming of this weekend’s events to follow."

For more, see Dublin Digital Radio - Alternating Current